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Dean’s word

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

I am pleased to welcome you to the official website of the College of Nursing at the University of Kufa, which has taken clear and purposeful steps since its establishment to be a distinguished scientific edifice.

The college was established based on the urgent need of Najaf Governorate to create distinguished university nursing staff who, since their graduation and joining health institutions, have been able to change the health reality in the province and provide nursing care Studied and scientifically based on critical thinking. These blessed hands were able to inspire many young people who wish to achieve their ambition of university education by completing their studies there, so that the College of Nursing becomes one of the most popular colleges Attractive to students. In order to support this globally important profession that serves a large segment of people, it was the responsibility of the college to work for the development of teaching and training on the latest educational foundations so that the graduate enjoys comprehensiveness in all nursing sciences In view of the desire of many students to join the nursing profession, the college has responded to this desire by approving the introduction of the evening study to increase the number of graduates qualified for specialized nursing work, especially after the opening of many of The centers specialized in critical cases, important for the treatment of dangerous diseases, such as the Open Heart Center, as well as the opening of modern hospitals in the governorate, which have become attracting in addition to the visitors and those staying there from the governorate’s residents and from  The other governorates, in addition to the College of Nursing – University of Kufa as an educational institution, has introduced a master’s study in Nursing Sciences in 2015-2016 to meet the needs of society and scientific development in It was also approved by the Ministry of Higher Education for this year to introduce a Ph.D. study in Philosophy in Nursing. We hope that this college will have a great role in performing its basic tasks to serve the community, and that it will be a college that attracts even Arab and foreign students.the nursing field.

Professor.Rajha Abdel-Hassan

The Dean