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The College has five specialized laboratories:

Fundamental of nursing laboratory

The Fundamental of nursing laboratory was established since the establishment of the faculty of nursing in the academic year (2006-2007). The Fundamental of nursing lab is one of the most important faculties which are accredited in practical applications. And through the practical lab of the Fundamental of nursing branch is integrated between the theoretical and practical, where the preparation and rehabilitation of students occur and allow them to practice and acquire nursing skills before entering the hospitals and application on the field where it is supplied with the latest equipment and laboratory supplies. The practical lab also helps students to gain self-confidence in an environment that is appropriate and similar to the environment of health institutions. Therefore, the faculty of Nursing is keen to keep pace with all that is new and suitable for the time, which will contribute to improving the professional and technical performance of students.


Pediatric nursing laboratory

Students are trained in a third-year pediatric nursing laboratory. The laboratory is used during the first two weeks of the semester to provide clinical requirements in nursing for children, where students attend the hospital for the actual application of patients. Simulation dolls are used to help college students perform various nursing care procedures including CPR, emergency care and physical assessment of the patient through simulations such as breathing sounds (heart rate) and bowel movements. The Nursery Laboratory aims to provide academic education and training opportunities to suit the needs of students and provide an academic and training environment for high quality students in the laboratory. In order to increase the efficiency of students’ performance in the children’s laboratory, the school of nursing and training places in various health services, participate in supporting the continuous learning process of nursing staff in hospitals, provide many students in educational experience laboratories, apply basic concepts of care in practical skills.


Maternal and neonatal health nursing laboratory

The maternal and neonatal health laboratory at the Faculty of Nursing, Kufa University, was established according to the accreditation criteria to complete the practical and scientific aspects of the educational plan. In this laboratory, videos and CD-ROMs explaining the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth are presented and trained on the models of the pregnant woman, the delivery process and the newborn, which show the theoretical material and identify the complications in the birth and postpartum process. The laboratory aims to provide a suitable place that simulates and resembles The hospital environment is equipped with various equipment and devices that contribute to the preparation and training of students on various nursing skills, training students to acquire practical skills, achieving an environment that imitates the field environment, enhancing students’ self-confidence between theory and practice, Students have the skills required to work in hospitals, modern medical beds including maternity bed – bed examination of pregnant women.


Basic Sciences laboratory

The Laboratory of Basic Sciences is a laboratory that provides students with basic and advanced equipment such as ELISA, PCR series, photo voltaic spectrometer, centrifuge, as well as other devices such as sterilizers, sterilizers, blood measuring devices, microscopes, as well as other basic and necessary laboratory equipment and supplies. The students should be taught the importance of continuous sterilization through the use of sterilized and disinfectant materials to prevent contamination, conducting various researches Such as graduate research and scientific research, training in various diagnostic tests, students’ introduction to basic principles of compounds in life chemistry, their relationship to diseases and basic skills necessary for general pathological analysis, Biochemical and cultivation of bacteria Conservation and Development.


Computer laboratory

The computer lab is one of the main laboratories in the college. The computer lab contains computers (35) calculators of type (Acer), large screens for display number (2) and important engineering applications during a study dedicated to the practical training of students in the computer.