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its one of important units in our faculty, the library includes CD as instructional movies and demonstration tools and their number (311) and the number of research students (111) The average number of books per student is (4) book and the average number of beneficial of the library of internal loaning for morning studies of preceding seminar years for students (40) student daily and (5) lecturers and (20) graduate. And the external loaning for morning studies for the (45) students and (6) lecturers and (10) graduate. As for the internal loaning of evening studies for (35) students and (20) external loaning. There are also some leaflets and specific instructions for using the library and the way of loaning with a desktop program (system) specialist for storage data and the contents of the library and the way of loaning where measure client satisfaction through the continuous influx of students and teachers to the library. The virtual Iraqi library was activated and it was involvement of students and lecturers.