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Nursing Education in Iraq: Quality and Advanced Strategies

Conference Themes

First: the axis of nursing education and its objectives

1. Improve teaching strategies

2. Work to create a supportive environment for nursing education such as laboratories, classrooms, and modern technological devices

3. Activating the student’s role in the nursing educational process from the negative to the initiator


Second: The axis of nursing scientific research and its objectives

1. Unifying the system of writing theses and dissertations in all nursing colleges

2. Developing nursing scientific research mythologies

3. Identify the difficulties faced by postgraduate students in the College of Nursing


Third: Clinical Practices in Nursing

1. Identify clinical training difficulties

2. Improve a clinical training environment

3. Activating the role of clinical supervisor

4. Follow effective evaluation strategies


Fourth: The axis of approving academic accreditation standards for colleges of nursing

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