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Our vision and mission


College of Nursing / University of Kufa is striving to be one of the most supreme institutions of higher education for nursing locally and regionally, it also aspires to be one of the distinguished and internationally ranked educational institutions


College of Nursing / University of Kufa, is adhering to preparation nursing staff that meet the needs of society and local institutions at all levels of primary health care, preventive, curative and rehabilitative with high efficiency by adopting educational programs that conform to international quality standards, it also adopts advanced scientific research mechanisms to maximize the college’s role in community service.


1.Strengthening the College’s infrastructure.

2.Strengthening the academic and administrative structure of the college to achieve the strategic plan.

3.Developing the skills and capabilities of human resources.

4.Targeted and constructive policies to deal with students and graduates.

5.Develop programs and courses to achieve academic standards and meet the needs of society and labor market requirements.

6.A scientific research plan that supports the educational process, develops research capabilities and serves the community.

7.A partnership between the college and the community to achieve the college mission and strengthen its activities.

8.Increasing environmental awareness between the internal and external community.

9.Development of service and consultative cooperation with civil society institutions, community and research centers and civil society institutions.

Strategic Objectives of the College of Nursing:

1) The first strategic objective: Qualifying the college for program accreditation in
accordance with the requirements of the National Accreditation Council for Nursing
2) The second strategic objective: Increasing the competitiveness of students according to
the needs of the labor market locally, regionally and globally.
3) The third strategic objective: To provide a supportive learning environment for
innovation and creativity.
4) Fourth Strategic Objective: To develop the current research outputs to meet the needs
of the local community
5) The Fifth Strategic Objective: To develop plans and programs for community service and
environmental development.
6) Sixth Strategic Objective: Sustainable development for faculty members.
7) The seventh strategic objective: To develop the efficiency of the administrative
apparatus to activate a course in the management of the college.

About the College:

The Faculty of Nursing – University of Kufa was established in 2006/2007 as an academic educational institution within the faculties of the University of Kufa and as a result of the expansion of the number of students accepted it moved in the current building In the university city .
The College was divided into two sections (Nursing Sciences and Basic Medical Sciences) Until 2015. During the second half of the academic year 2016-2016 and by a decision of the deans of the faculties of nursing, the structure of the scientific departments was changed by ministerial order (1612 on 5/7/2015)  to seven scientific branches ، six nursing branches are :

_ Nursing Fundamental Branch

_ Adult Nursing Branch

_ Branch of maternal and newborn health

_ Child Nursing Branch

_ Mental Health Branch

_ Community Health Branch

_ In addition to the basic sciences branch.